Professional Private Tango Dance Classes & Lessons in Houston, TX

  • Dance Classes & Lessons for Adults in Houston TX
  • Tango dance, often referred to as the dance of love, creates a passionate physical connection between the dancing couples. When dancing, the skillfully controlled faltering footwork combines with fluid and elegant movements to create the unique rhythm of the Tango. The rhythm unhurriedly invites you to an intensely personal journey of artistic expression and self-discovery.

    Benefits of Tango dance:

    • Gets your blood moving
    • Improves your creativity
    • Widens your circle of friends
    • Works great for any age or body type
    • Reduces anxiety and leaves you more relaxed
    • Creates a sensual feeling that leaves you feeling sexy and beautiful

    Whether you’re an absolute beginner, seasoned dancer, or an experienced dancer interested in furthering your talent, Premier Dance USA is here to offer you the most fun and enjoyable Tango lessons to polish your dancing skills.

    With the help of our friendly and professional instructors, you’ll receive one-on-one personal instructions personalized to your level and ability. We’ll ensure you look great on the dance floor with a gorgeous embrace, graceful walk, and playful movements.

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