On Watching Your Feet And Other Ballroom Dancing Tips!

July 8, 2016

Do you want to improve your ballroom dancing skills? Keep these tips in mind!
• The most common mistake novice ballroom dancers make is watching their feet. It can hamper mastery of the dance and affect performance. The logic is quite simple, light travels faster than your impulse to move, and it makes your steps slower than they should be. Looking at your feet result in stutter stepping or tentative short steps that can look awkward while dancing.
• Master the right positioning. The right way to do a Closed Dance Hold is standing facing each other with your bodies slightly offset one another. Each partner’s right foot must be pointing between the other partner’s feet and each partner must be facing the other partner’s right shoulder. This way you don’t bump feet and knees.
• Maintain a good posture. Practice good dance posture everywhere. A regal and majestic performance starts with how you stand on the dance floor.
• Dance to the music. Dancing with the correct steps in time with the music is something you will learn in time until it becomes second nature.
• Have fun. Dancing is the shortest way to happiness and there is no point in doing something that does not make you happy. Forget the nerves, just enjoy yourself and dance.

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