Our Mission


To be the “Number One” provider of excellence in the instruction of Social & Competitive Ballroom Dance in the USA, and for every single one of our students to feel they have achieved and exceeded whatever goals they have set themselves!


To give quality professional instruction with 100% commitment to each student regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced dancers.

To introduce our students to the benefits and delights of social and to give them an experience that is challenging but rewarding, productive but joyful and memorable. Each student is special; each student’s needs are unique – we aim to thoroughly assess the interests, prior experience and future goals of each individual to be able to successfully address his/her specific needs and objectives

To make Dance a Lifestyle choice they will never regret!


  • Make learning productive and enjoyable for all students
  • To act with the utmost respect and integrity towards all of our clients
  • Commitment to excellence